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How is it going at work?

We spend at work many hours of our day. If the workplace is full of negative influence which consists of small daily acts of social exclusion, psychological violence or professional sabotage, this can seriously affect our well-being or even our health. Energy vampires, to feel powerful at work, are vital energy suckers. They are expert […]


Passion or obsession?

The definition of obsession is: a thought that continually returns, fixation. Potting. Fixed and repetitive thought that someone is not able to avoid or get rid of. The obsessive rumination of the same thought is dictated by anxiety or doubt. For example: somebody does the job he likes, the work of his life. However he […]


Self-defence tecniques from serial liars

My grandma always said, “lies have short legs“. I did not understand exactly what she meant then. Now everything is clearer. Who is completely honest? Sure, we all have lied from times to times. I remember I lied to go to Pink Floyd concert… I was not allowed to, so lying to my parents was […]

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