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The Ultimate Guide to create a unique and non-toxic fragrance

What is an Eau de Toilette? A mixture based on alcohol and odorous oily substances. Unfortunately today the fragrances you can purchase in perfumes and in stores are completely synthetic and contain phthalates (which are considered endocrine disruptors). Actually you can find some natural eau de toilette and perfume in ecological and organic food stores, […]


Each sign has his natural perfume

You already know that to perfume my house, my clothes or my body I only use of 100% natural products by Olfattiva, the Italian botanical Perfumery, or pure food quality essential oils. In September 2016 Olfactory has created a collection of fragrances with precious essential oils, true marvels from nature that will enhance our well-being. […]


Olfattiva botanical perfumery

Every scent tells a story, that’s why marketing experts design the advertising of perfumes as short stories. However, synthetic fragrances are hydrocarbon-based products, and for those like me who cares about a natural lifestyle for the family, is hard to accept spraying on fossil fuels! Besides many fully natural perfumes available in organic stores or […]

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