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Natural remedies against mosquitos

We are now in the middle of Summer and mosquitoes could really be annoying! In the evenings and nights of many -especially those who have delicate, pale skin like that of my baby or myself!- they buzz and sting. On the market there are several insecticides and repellents that promise to keep the mosquitoes away, […]


Children, colds and flu: natural remedies in Winter

Last September I sent my baby to the nest. Although breastfeeding, life in the community caused to my family colds, flu and laryngitis. I read in “Il Corriere della Sera pediatrics” magazine that if a child often gets sick in the early years, he will develop a well-equipped defense system against many infectious forms in […]

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Teething and oral hygiene for baby and child

Teach children to brush their teeth can be reallly harsh ! But even when we managed to get away with it through sweet songs, games and tricks .. are we really sure that they thoroughly wash their teeth ? It is the effective their way to use the toothbrush? Until 70 years ago, children very […]


Homeopathy: instructions for use!

This post was inspired by Dr. Fenoglio’s instructions. Homeopathy is a therapy based on the assumption of animal, vegetable or mineral remedies in high dilutions. The term derives from greek ὅμοιος -like and πάθος – suffering, however its spread is due to a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann (1775/1843), who promoted the development of homeopathy as […]


Olga Sofia Schiaffino: doctor, homeopathist, psychotherapist

What is a holistic surgery? A place to meet and see the person as a whole, replenishing part of the body-mind- soul unit that Platonic philosophy had separated. In my studies the unity of body, mind and soul is proving to be the expression of one energy. Dealing with medicine through a holistic approach means […]

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