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Sugarfree healthy muffins

For this recipe I was inspired by Franco Berrino’s “Alimentare il benessere”. INGREDIENTS: 150 gr. flour “0” and 150 gr. wholemeal flour (or 300 gr. flour “2” or wholemeal spelled) 200 gr. corn flour 1 teaspoon yeast 2 organic lemon finely grated zest 1 pinch of salt 200 gr. raisins soaked in warm water or apple […]


Choco-hazelnuts supercream

For this recipe I was inspired by Marco Bianchi’s Nutella in the book “I magnifici 20″ Ingredients: 100 gr. of peeled hazelnuts 200 gr. dark chocolate 100 gr. milk chocolate 140 gr. sugar cane 150 gr. skimmed cow’s milk How to: pulverize in a blender the brown sugar until it is impalpable. At home I […]


Pine-nuts choco cookies

Today I want to share with you one of Marco Bianchi’s recipes freely revisited by me that will be an excellent snack for both adults and children. They are oily and fragrant cookies with chocolate drops. These biscuits do not contain ingredients derived from animals, so they are vegan … enjoy them! INGREDIENTS: 220 gr. […]


Valeria and her Veglife Channel full of vegan recepies

Who is Valeria and how did the idea of a youtube channel start? Emanuela Hello and thank you for this opportunity! I am a simple girl, I’ve always been sensitive to the environment and save-animals issues. Thanks to the web, I managed to get all the information to pursue my path from vegetarian to fully […]

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Valentine’s Day choco-coconut muffins!

This recipe is completely designed by me and is born, as most of my other recipes, to recycle ingredients that I already had at home. Healthy natural patisserie, that is recepies with no white sugar, bleached flour and butter, has the benefit of being healthy and very digestible, however it has a different taste than […]


Oat cookies with raw coconut sugar

Oat is the ideal nutrition during convalescence and breastfeeding, also regulates the thyroid and cholesterol , strengthens the tendons and bones and is useful for those suffering from insomnia, depression and appetite disorders . This is why I often cook oat cookies! It took me months to perfect this recipe, so that even those who […]

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