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After school and sport club: how to choose the best

I am a mover, I love sports: skiing, tennis, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, pilates … for 8 years and I have been practicing martial arts (jujutsu and iaido). I know the benefits, joy and well-being that comes from connecting constantly with your body. It’s October now and if you are a parent probably you are thinking […]


Antonella Sterle, yoga and creative energy

Antonella Sterle, yoga instructor and director of the Shakti Yoga Center in Genoa. Yoga is The Holistic Discipline and I had the honor and pleasure to practice under Antonella’s caring and bright guidance. I remember very well her lessons and the feeling of well-being that followed. Your yoga center is called Shakti. What does this […]


Derivative baths

  Years ago when the antipyretic were not available, a high fever was treated by putting an ice pack in the folds of the groin. After my release of the first video on derivative bathrooms in Italian on youtube, I was litteraly inundated with emails from people thanking me for talking about them and for […]

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