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After school and sport club: how to choose the best

I am a mover, I love sports: skiing, tennis, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, pilates … for 8 years and I have been practicing martial arts (jujutsu and iaido). I know the benefits, joy and well-being that comes from connecting constantly with your body. It’s October now and if you are a parent probably you are thinking […]


Roberto: shiatsu-do and counseling

I met Roberto thanks to Sonya. I received a shiatsu treatment from him in days of big change in my life. I did not expect anything from a single meeting, and I was very curious. His shiatsu treatment helped me to see aspects of my career and my decisions that I had not considered! Read […]


Iaido and the study of the Japonese sword

I began practicing Iaido by sheer accident. Years ago my self-defense instructor handed me a bokken (Japanese wooden sword used during workouts) and since then the Japanese sword has never ceased to fascinate and interest me. Iaido is a Japanese martial art, permeated by the Zen doctrine, which draws its roots from the ancient kenjutsu […]

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