Hulk spaghetti!

IMG_2962As moms we do know it: make kids eating their veggies is not always easy. There are children who just do not want to eat them at all, others who usually eat them and then, all of a sudden, they stop. Now we know that mothers’ nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding plays a fundamental role in the development of their children’s taste.
But we are also aware of how the food industry build “irresistible” products, which are unhealthy as well. Its goal is to obtain a mix of sugar, fat and salt that would make the taste buds extremely happy. A real sensory research to project irresistible foods which unfortunately are extremely unhealthy. The base of this research is a neurotransmitter called dopamine. The dopamine released from the brain after eating junk food causes a strong feeling of pleasure which you get used to very quickly. After that the need to increase the amount or frequency of this food intake gets higher. When our children taste chips, candy and industrial cake at birthday parties or industrial prepared meals in kindergartens they experience for the first time the BLISS POINT, a sudden feeling of pleasure obtained from a mixture of sugar, fat and salt specifically created to create addiction and modify your kids preferences about taste. Something similar to drug addiction, which applies not only to sweets but to many other foods, especially salty stuff and soft drinks.
After experiencing high calorie and irresistible foods, sometimes it becomes difficult for our kids to appreciate veggies. This is why I bought Microplane spiralizer for vegetables and …here they are: Hulk noodles! Spaghetti made with fresh zucchini cooked in the pan or lightly steamed and seasoned with olive oil and a few drops of lemon. To make the most fun and memorable experience you can color your kid’s cheeks and let him see the green transformation: vegetables make us strong and let us grow!

Suggested reading: “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us” - Michael Moss


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