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emanuela-davini-olisticarioIn health your real beauty will shine trough. I have made an experiment. I have not put anything artificial on my skin over the past five years and the changes in my body, mind and soul were amazing. So what is the true nature of beauty? I guess it is nothing that can be bought.

I have tried the healing properties of pure botanicals: I have put Ylang Ylang in my hair, lemongrass under my arms and jojoba on my face and nature took care of me, fed my senses and thaught me its time.

Essential olis, true plants oils, waters and wild flora are not only active, but they have layers, they go beyond, activating the healing self organized system of the body and creating good vibes for your aura.

Through every pore of your skin is a door, so a wise use of plants, minerals and the the elements will improve your life anytime as health, beauty and happines do not depend on time, nor do we.

  • Maharishi ayurveda



    Ayurveda is a term composed of “Ayur” which means lifetime and “Veda” which means revealed knowledge, wisdom. It is one of the oldest holistic natural medicine. Currently, thanks to the latest scientific discoveries, Ayurveda is showing its usefulness and timeliness again. Millions of people take care of themselves through ayurveda today. But where can we ...

  • The Ultimate Guide to create a unique and non-toxic fragrance



    What is an Eau de Toilette? A mixture based on alcohol and odorous oily substances. Unfortunately today the fragrances you can purchase in perfumes and in stores are completely synthetic and contain phthalates (which are considered endocrine disruptors). Actually you can find some natural eau de toilette and perfume in ecological and organic food stores, ...

  • Energy vampires: the enemy is a family member


    FullSizeRender 5

    Who is the energy vampire? He or she is a person who poisons your life, somebody who drags you in a DDT dreaded drama triangle, in a toxic relationship that makes you sick and ill. The vampire is a covert manipulator and dangerous aggressor. It’s very important: 1. to recognize him/her 2. not be a victim If you are ...

  • Each sign has his natural perfume



    You already know that to perfume my house, my clothes or my body I only use of 100% natural products by Olfattiva, the Italian botanical Perfumery, or pure food quality essential oils. In September 2016 Olfactory has created a collection of fragrances with precious essential oils, true marvels from nature that will enhance our well-being. ...

  • Olisticario labels


    For my well-being and that of my family for years I have been taking Bach flowers, herbal remedies, spagyrics, homeopathic products, and supplements. I dedicate a notebook to write down the products we use to record the dosage, the opening date and the effects or results that I observed during and after use. I recommend ...

  • Make up masterclass with Karim Sattar for Dr.Hauschka



    Some time ago I had the honor to participate in a make-up masterclass with Karim Sattar organized in Milan by Dr. Hauschka, the prestigious fully-natural and organic cosmetics brand. Karim Sattar is a leading make-up artist who has worked for celebrities like Jane Fonda, Annie Lennox and Nina Eichinger. During this training day Karim was a ...

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