Valentine’s Day choco-coconut muffins!

This recipe is completely designed by me and is born, as most of my other recipes, to recycle ingredients that I already had at home. Healthy natural patisserie, that is recepies with no white sugar, bleached flour and butter, has the benefit of being healthy and very digestible, however it has a different taste than traditional patisserie. Flavors are less sweet but they are yummy and delicious; you’ll get used to them very quickly and you won’t ever give them up. You can enjoy these muffins with no guilty feelings and give them to your kids safely.
These muffins mainly contain coconut and cocoa powder, two tasty and rich ingredients which blend together divinely, so I thought I’d have them on Valentine’s Day dinner. They are light and also beautiful to see. Enjoy!

For the muffins:
100 gr whole wheat stone ground flour
50 gr. flour type 0
30 gr. cocoa powder
50 gr. coconut flakes – rapé coconut
150 ml organic apple juice
Rice malt
Corn oil
Cream of tartar (yeast)
For the topping:
Raw coconut sugar
Flaked almonds or chopped almonds

How to: combine in a round bowl flours (you can also use 150 gr. wholemeal flour), coconut rapé, cocoa powder and half a bag (about 8 gr.) cream of tartar yeast. Mix well. Add 150 ml apple juice (if you do not have it you can use rice milk) , 4/ 5 tablespoons rice malt syrup (you can also use the malted barley, although it is less sweet and delicate than the rice one in my opinion!), 4 tablespoons of organic non-ogm corn oil (or organic sunflower oil) and turn right. Pour the mixture into 6 equal parts to create 6 medium sized muffins . For the topping spread on each surface a hint of raw coconut sugar and a few almonds flakes.
Now bake at 170 degrees for 30 minutes. They can be eaten warm alone or with creamy vanilla Soyasun dessert. The next day they are even better.

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4 Responses to “Valentine’s Day choco-coconut muffins!”

  1. Arianna 04/02/2014 at 15:06 Permalink

    Stasera ci provo!! Con farina integrale e latte di riso! Grazie per questa idea sfiziosa!

    • Emanuela Davini
      Emanuela Davini 04/02/2014 at 20:19 Permalink

      Se usi il latte di riso ti consiglio 5 cucchiai di malto, perché il latte di riso é leggermente meno dolce del succo di mela. Fammi sapere! Grazie ciao

      • Arianna 05/02/2014 at 17:13 Permalink

        Ahnh mannaggia ho letto tardi il tuo commento!!! Effettivamente erano troppo poco dolci, un po’ di malto in più era proprio quello che ci voleva!! Li rifarò con le dosi corrette e saranno perfetti!

        • Emanuela Davini
          Emanuela Davini 06/02/2014 at 11:18 Permalink

          La ricetta in sé non è dolcissima, infatti è salutare proprio perché non contiene zucchero, però se si usa il latte di riso va aggiunto un po’ di malto per bilanciare i sapori secondo la mia esperienza

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