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.mamma bimbo olisticarioDay after day my understanding of what it means to be a mother deepens, gets challenged and teaches me more about myself and who I would like to be more than any other of life’s circumstances.

This section of my blog is dedicated to all the beautiful mothers in the world and to the loving care they dedicate to their babies daily.

I always use natural products for all of my personal care, cleaning and household needs, but even if you’re not ready to jump on the 100% natural care yet, maybe you can consider using organic products on your babies and kids.

Most kids are exposed to a scary number of chemicals on a daily basis, and a lot of baby creams and cleansers contain chemicals which are actually not safe for them.

Let me share with you my ratings of a few organic companies who make baby care products, and some useful tips to clean and moisturize the baby’s skin, to treat diaper rash and small skin problems with olistic remedies. Also I will write about my experience in pregnancy, breastfeeding and kangaroo carrying, about how to choose the right nest or school, how to organinize the space in your house and meals for the baby and much more.

  • Mindfulness for kids



    We have never been as good as today. In the last century, the average income has tripled, infant mortality has been cut down, the duration of life is doubled and the new generations are connected and educated as never before in human history. There are huge opportunities for the future and yet a growing number ...

  • The Life-Changing Konmari Method



    Since I have been writing about wellbeing I always spotted many methods for “decluttering“, that is getting rid of the superfluous in order to live better. But this whole thing had never entirely convinced me. It seemed to me that the organization of spaces and cleaning out were imposed to me by gurus of systems ...

  • After school and sport club: how to choose the best



    I am a mover, I love sports: skiing, tennis, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, pilates … for 8 years and I have been practicing martial arts (jujutsu and iaido). I know the benefits, joy and well-being that comes from connecting constantly with your body. It’s October now and if you are a parent probably you are thinking like ...

  • Hulk spaghetti!



    As moms we do know it: make kids eating their veggies is not always easy. There are children who just do not want to eat them at all, others who usually eat them and then, all of a sudden, they stop. Now we know that mothers’ nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding plays a fundamental role ...

  • What’s in the pasta of your son? Dairy for babies X-RAY time



    These days I happened to talk with some dad on the packaging of cheese for children. I realized that most of the parents, when choosing baby food, completely ignores the ingredients list. They just do not understand what it is really. The labels of baby products do not help the average user who gets lost ...

  • Baby’s toys and pacifiers hygiene



    My dear holistic mums, here are three completely natural and effective methods to clean up and sanitize your baby’s toys and his room surfaces as well . What you need, shopping list: – one 30ml spray bottle of dark glass; you can buy it at your pharmacy or online; – 20 ml of saline water for injection; in ...

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