Friends Links

Here are the links to the websites of some special people who have made ​​possible the realization of this Blog.
Thanks to the time they devoted to me, to their skills, to their encouragement and also to their criticisms, as well as technical advice, graphics and style, I managed to create this space, which I hope will be useful to many of you
Visit them and enoy your web surfing!


Italian excellent quality raw food
A wide choice and variety of fully natural and certified cosmetics
Professional photographer with a flair for art, unconventional style. She realizes weddings , portraits, books, shooting for catalogues, advertising and showroom
My herbalist’s online shop: herbs, Bach flowers and much more
Valerias’s delicious veg recipes
Natural and healthy lifestyle for a harmonious existence
They translated my vision into reality, developing the blog that you are reading. A small startup that develops services in the fields of Web & Apps, Communication and Interaction using traditional and innovative technology.
Homeopathy, Homotossicology and Integrated Disciplines professionals for a specialistic and homeopathic medical response to health problems and aesthetical issues
Francesca and Barbara produce entirely natural perfumes with real essential oils; authentic and incredibly intense aroma
Recycling ideas , beautiful photos , crochet tutorials and free vintage printable to download
Young Italian startup with a strong bias toward the use of new technologies. Luca, brand manager, will support your business innovation
Since 1935 a German company producing fullu natural cosmetics; Mrs. Susanna, at the customer service, is always friendly and helpful
Wide variety of pure essential oils and vegetable oils
Safe natural contraception
Kendo, Iaido, Battodo, Kenjutsu, Jodo
Gorgeous handmade silk and velvet for your upcycling

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