Giuditta cuisine

Giuditta Delight for me is a very important place in Genoa.giud Usually during my lunch break from the office I eat something homemade; I think this is the best choice for my health as well as it is the cheapest solution. However when this is not possible because some mishap occurred … I try to get to the closest Giuditta gastronomy. I love her cooking because it takes into account the power of macrobiotic and Kousmine principles, two diets that are dear to me and that I have been studying practicing for years. It’s very important to me that the natural, cruelty free and health-conscious cuisine is also tasty and delicious, because I do not want to get bored. At Giuditta’s this is possible! Among other specialties you can also find raw delicacies, a delicious homemade pizza, blue fish and a fantastic vegan salad with mayonnaise. Rooms are furnished with innovative and environmentally friendly materials and it is relaxing and enjoyable to spend lunch between bamboo furniture and organic colored foods!

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