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Mindfullness: Dr. Giarelli’s interview

Dott. Maria Teresa Giarelli is a child neuropsychiatrist and psychotherapist,  Mindfulness Professional Trainer since 2010. Dott. Giarelli we all read on newspapers about overmedicated children on the rise, suicidal young people on the rise and drop outs form school on the rise. Parenting has never been so difficult!.. and sometimes we do not know what […]


Roberto: shiatsu-do and counseling

I met Roberto thanks to Sonya. I received a shiatsu treatment from him in days of big change in my life. I did not expect anything from a single meeting, and I was very curious. His shiatsu treatment helped me to see aspects of my career and my decisions that I had not considered! Read […]


At the pharmacy with our expert

Nowadays at the Pharmacy you can buy many cosmetics and makeup products. Maria Elena, during your formation as a pharmacist do you get information on cosmetic labels, cosmetic certifications and PAO? What do you know about this? During his studies a pharmacist gets to know what are the components inside of cosmetic products, their properties, […]


Valeria and her Veglife Channel full of vegan recepies

Who is Valeria and how did the idea of a youtube channel start? Emanuela Hello and thank you for this opportunity! I am a simple girl, I’ve always been sensitive to the environment and save-animals issues. Thanks to the web, I managed to get all the information to pursue my path from vegetarian to fully […]


Express the art in you! Sara Rinaldi, counselor in Expressive arts, can teach you how

Sara Rinaldi is a counselor and a Person Centered Expressive Arts Facilitator. In her work she facilitates Person Centered Expressive Arts training workshops, and offers counseling sessions for individuals and couples with the use of the Expressive Arts, in which she graduated in 2002 at the Faculty of PCETI, in California, as a direct student […]

bucchieri 2

What is the healthiest food-style? Let’s ask to Emanuela Bucchieri, dietician in Genoa

Raw food, macrobiotics, veganism … each of these lifestyles proclaims itself as the healthiest, how do we recognize what is best for our family? Personally I gladly I like different traditional cuisine because I love to change, I act instinctively, without intellectual power supply, but what would you recommend? The healthier food style is the […]


Antonella Sterle, yoga and creative energy

Antonella Sterle, yoga instructor and director of the Shakti Yoga Center in Genoa. Yoga is The Holistic Discipline and I had the honor and pleasure to practice under Antonella’s caring and bright guidance. I remember very well her lessons and the feeling of well-being that followed. Your yoga center is called Shakti. What does this […]


Barbara’s experience as a beautician

Barbara Sericano, graduated beautician, works at her Beauty Saloon in Rapallo. When did you decide that beauty would be your profession? I decided that I would do the beautician when I started to suffer from acne ! I wanted to find something non-aggressive that would cure that imperfection without causing collateral effects What are the […]


Olga Sofia Schiaffino: doctor, homeopathist, psychotherapist

What is a holistic surgery? A place to meet and see the person as a whole, replenishing part of the body-mind- soul unit that Platonic philosophy had separated. In my studies the unity of body, mind and soul is proving to be the expression of one energy. Dealing with medicine through a holistic approach means […]

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