Archive | January, 2017


One day cleanse

I try to have one day cleanse program for each day of the new moon. To find out when you enter new moon you can check daily homepage: in the top right corner you can see the moon phase today. When the moon is all black, we are in the new moon. During this day that I dedicate myself to get the toxins […]


My favourite green smoothie

This is my favourite green smoothie. I drink it as a detoxifying  breakfast during new moon days, but also as a healthy, refreshing  snack in Summer! Ingredients: 1 organic apple 0,5-1 cm fresh ginger 1 handful of kale or spinach 1 organic lemon 1/2 cup coconut water (or still water) 2,3 leaves of fresh mint Peel the lemon, […]


What is a Detox?

I have been practicing detox throughout the year for a long time . It is a very popular topic lately, especially since practiced and promoted by Hollywood stars. But what is exactly a “detox”? It ‘a ritual, that is a series of gestures and formulas that help me to regain or improve my wellness. Through […]


The Life-Changing Konmari Method

Since I have been writing about wellbeing I always spotted many methods for “decluttering“, that is getting rid of the superfluous in order to live better. But this whole thing had never entirely convinced me. It seemed to me that the organization of spaces and cleaning out were imposed to me by gurus of systems […]

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