Archive | June, 2016


Giuditta cuisine

Giuditta Delight for me is a very important place in Genoa. Usually during my lunch break from the office I eat something homemade; I think this is the best choice for my health as well as it is the cheapest solution. However when this is not possible because some mishap occurred … I try to […]


Hulk spaghetti!

As moms we do know it: make kids eating their veggies is not always easy. There are children who just do not want to eat them at all, others who usually eat them and then, all of a sudden, they stop. Now we know that mothers’ nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding plays a fundamental role […]


Iaido and the study of the Japonese sword

I began practicing Iaido by sheer accident. Years ago my self-defense instructor handed me a bokken (Japanese wooden sword used during workouts) and since then the Japanese sword has never ceased to fascinate and interest me. Iaido is a Japanese martial art, permeated by the Zen doctrine, which draws its roots from the ancient kenjutsu […]


Wo-Zen Chinese restaurant in Genoa

One of my favorite ethnic restaurants in Genoa is Wo-Zen, offering traditional Chinese, Thai and Mongolian cuisine. The food is absolutely delicious, the service is friendly and efficient and the environment is simple and zen, just the way I like it. My favorite dishes are their mixed zen appetizer, the sweet spicy Mongolia-style duck and […]


At the pharmacy with our expert

Nowadays at the Pharmacy you can buy many cosmetics and makeup products. Maria Elena, during your formation as a pharmacist do you get information on cosmetic labels, cosmetic certifications and PAO? What do you know about this? During his studies a pharmacist gets to know what are the components inside of cosmetic products, their properties, […]

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