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Barbara’s experience as a beautician

Barbara Sericano, graduated beautician, works at her Beauty Saloon in Rapallo. When did you decide that beauty would be your profession? I decided that I would do the beautician when I started to suffer from acne ! I wanted to find something non-aggressive that would cure that imperfection without causing collateral effects What are the […]

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White Breakfast

In the morning for breakfast I usually have the so called “Miam O Fruit”, that is the fruit & cold pressed oils salad created by France Guillain. However France Guillain’s method is just one way to wellness, not the only one. Sometimes I feel the need to have breakfast with something warm, round and white. […]


Steaming veggie with the bamboo basket

Steamed food does not lose almost any of its nutritional value such as vitamins and minerals, because the cooking temperature is less than 100 degrees. There is no need for added fats or sauces, because food retains its natural flavor and its best scent and consistency. Moreover, the steamer does not dirty the kitchen and […]

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Valentine’s Day choco-coconut muffins!

This recipe is completely designed by me and is born, as most of my other recipes, to recycle ingredients that I already had at home. Healthy natural patisserie, that is recepies with no white sugar, bleached flour and butter, has the benefit of being healthy and very digestible, however it has a different taste than […]

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