emanuela_daviniMy name is Emanuela Davini and I live in Genoa, Liguria in the north-western part of Italy. When I was a kid I used to walk in the chestnut woods with my Grandma and she showed me wild herbs, trees and flowers, their healing powers, culinary uses and soul. I then had fun playing with violets, dandelions, peppermint, nettles and lemon verbena.

Nowadays deepen my knowledge of health, mind and soul is quite literally my daily bread. It represents my greatest interest as well as Iaido and travelling! I devote myself every day to the research of holistic remedies that works and that are easy to put in practice and it really was a spontaneous evolution to combine this with my love for natural beauty and healthy cooking.

Holistic Therapies provide a form of healing that looks at the person as a ‘whole’, taking into account the physical, emotional, mental as well as the spiritual. Through this approach it is possible to create a new and better life, getting rid of the stress and getting out of the matrix!

What we think is who we are. Thoughts have energy and they carry good or bad vibes. When we are in a good place, we see goodness all around us. When we are in a bad place, we see darkness. Within everything in this world can be found good and bad aspects. We choose, quite often unconsciously, which part we wish to see. That choice is a reflection of who we are and of our beauty as a human being.

Develop within yourself the ability to focus only on the good in people or situations means awakening that beauty inside of you!

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